Privacy Policy

This is a legal agreement between TLeva Users and Tleva.

The privacy and security policy explicit in these terms of services, discloses and protects all information from the domain of the company TLeva Lda.

By ordering, accessing, using or purchasing any “Product” through this website or related websites, you agree to be bound by our privacy policy as set out below. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use this site. Continued use of this site after the posting of changes to this privacy policy will be deemed accepted.


The site protects all online information. For any transmission of information, whether personal or professional, including payment information, cryptographic data and data protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), granting visible access through a coded configuration point.



1 – Protecting your privacy and security is very important to us before granting access to your personal data.

2 – Please be aware that certain records and information will be kept for specific purposes, such as payment, accounting, technical information, dispute resolution applied to our website, as well as for the terms of use. If you have posted comments or user-generated content on our site, we are not able to delete or change it. Furthermore, we assume no responsibility to remove or edit any of your public activities or any submissions or content that are the result of your public activities, except in the cases provided for in this privacy policy or terms of use of the Services.

3 – We can reject requests that are unjustifiably repetitive, that require a disproportionate technical effort, such as the development of a new system that risks the privacy of others and which is extremely impractical.

4 – The data or information made available for sharing, will be kept on this site and available for the necessary period whose purpose complies with the privacy policy.


1 TLeva account managers are unable to access or import data or user content without permission, except as provided in this privacy and security policy, or in case of request for user help to solve any specific support problem and provided that it is subject to authorization.

2 – In general we collect information mainly to better provide our services to all users. All user information is private and is only used for commercial purposes, such as to answer product usage questions, service analysis, order processing, transaction, or permission to subscribe or record events, submit Marketing information and market research.

3 – When the user visits our website, some information is collected automatically. This may include information about the operating system (OS) running on your device, Internet address protocol (IP), access time, browser type and language, and the location of other websites before accessing our website.

4 – We collect information automatically using “cookies” and “Web beacons“. Cookies are data or small files stored on your hard drive by a website and Web Beacons are electronic images that can also be used on our website or in our emails. Cookies help improve our website, our marketing activities, popular areas and their features, as well as help you better customize content according to your experience and visits.

5 – Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If the user prefers, they can configure their browser to remove cookies or to reject. If you choose to remove cookies or reject them, this may affect certain collection or tracking points.

  • A “cookie” is a collector of information that a website sends to your web browser and that helps the site remember information and your preferences.
  • “Session Cookies” are temporary pieces of information that are deleted when the user leaves the web browser window or otherwise shutdown the computer. Session cookies are used to improve browsing websites and collect aggregate information and statistics.
  • Persistent cookies” are bits of permanent information, placed on your computer’s hard drive and are only removed from there if deleted. It is pertinent to store cookies on your computer for a number of purposes, such as retrieving information you previously provided, username, helping to determine which areas are most viewed on the site, how valuable they are and customizing it based on your preferences.
  • Internet Tags“(also known as one-pixel GIFs, invisible GIFs, and 1-by-1 GIFs) are smaller than cookies and transmit information from the site server, such as the IP address and browser type related to the visitor’s computer browser.

6 – As owner of the information provided on this site, the user has the right to unsubscribe from his/her personal data, to newsletters to which this page is linked, customer surveys and direct marketing information.

7 – Na Tleva we archive your data as a user and only delete all your information within 6 months of your termination of the subscription through this term.


1 – We use the information we collect primarily to provide, maintain, protect, improve and develop our services. We use the information collected through our website or application, in accordance with this privacy policy, to:

  • Understand the service network, how we operate and improve the user experience.
  • Answer your comments or questions through our solutions team.
  • Send related information, including confirmations, invoices, notices and technical support, updates, and security alerts.
  • Combination of Links with other information obtained from third parties to improve our services.
  • Protect, investigate and prevent fraudulent, unauthorized or illegal activity.

1 – Our privacy policy does not cover any third-party services.

2 – We collect information for statistical purposes before our partners.  TLeva has no direct relationship with individuals whose personal data calls into question its activity and that of third parties. A user who seeks access, or who wishes to correct, alter or delete inaccurate data, must direct his request to the technology direction da TLeva and wait for his request within 72 working hours.


1 – TLeva will retain and use user data as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce confidentiality agreements.

2 – We do not share users’ personal information with third parties without their consent, other than:

  • For third parties working on our behalf there is a written agreement, and the third party is required to provide the same level of privacy protection as is required by relevant principles.
  • In accordance with the Law, responding to legitimate requests and legal proceedings the TLeva notify the user about the legitimate request of the information in question.
  • To protect the rights and intellectual property of Tleva, our agents, customers and others including agreements, conditions and terms of use.
  • In the event of an emergency, including for the protection and personal safety of any person, by legal means, through court, the information provided is concerned.
  • For the purpose of negotiating a commercial agreement involving the sale or transfer of all our business or assets (businesses may include, for example, merger, financing transaction, acquisition, disposal, bankruptcy or proceedings).

3 – For the security of users’ personal information, we take reasonable steps to help protect their information by preventing destruction, alteration, loss, misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure.

4 – It is the responsibility of the user to protect the username and passwords  to help prevent anyone from accessing or abusing their accounts and services.

5 – The user must for reasons of greater security use only the same password that decomposes in the email account when accessing our services.


1 – If you are under 18 years of age or of legal age in the jurisdiction in which you reside, the user should only use the Tleva app with the consent of his superiors or legal guardian;

2 – If you are a minor and have access to the Application TLeva and in the course of the utility succeeds some inconvenience not expressed, the TLeva does not guarantee the responsibility for any directly related damages.


1 – It is expressly forbidden to sell, exchange or rent any information of personal characteristic of users.

2 – Through this website platform it is possible to find links from our partners, customers and suppliers’ websites.

3 – Any connection made from the TLeva platform leads, from the full point, if it respects and protects the privacy policy of third parties and is duly authorized, does not make it responsible for any actions or improper situations.

4 – The business relationships established between TLeva and third parties must comply with and comply with all laws applicable to the territory in which it is part, protecting its privacy and that of users in general. Although legal requirements may vary from country to country, the TLeva intends to  progressively observe the principles set forth in this privacy term.

5 – Our goal is to protect all user information, no matter how it is collected, transported or maintained.


1 – The user can also choose not to receive promotional emails from TLeva, newsletter and others by cancelling their registration.

2 – If the user chooses to send requests for changes or deletions of information should do so by sending email to geral@tleva.co.ao. The TLeva team will respond to the request within 3 (three) days from the date of submission.


1 – TLeva reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or privacy policy in relation to all services, products and prices contained in this document, without implication or notice of internal change (business) 15 days in advance. Upon written notice and the general public.

  • If you discolor these changes, you can cancel your Account by right.



Users may find advertising or other content on our site belonging to third parties, relating to products and services of partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors and others. Despite the management of the platform we do not fully control the content, links of third-party websites and reiterate the information that we are not fully responsible, in addition to these may be constantly changing and have their own privacy policies, rights and duties.